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Your Soul’s Journey

Created and Presented by: Evolve U Your Soul's Journey Created by Evolve University About this course: If the concepts in this course are too shocking for you, understand almost all spiritual traditions have told us for millennia. And now quantum physics is validating these concepts and contention. Why this course? The first the concept of a soul…
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Introduction to Public Speaking

Created and Presented by: University of Washington Introduction to Public Speaking, Part 1 About this course: This course gives you a reliable model for preparing and delivering effective presentations. In business, in school, and in public life, we are often called upon to “make a few comments.” Often, people tasked with such speeches become flummoxed. They…
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Philosophy, Science and Religion: Science and Philosophy

Philosophy, Science and Religion Course Created and Presented by: University of Edinburgh [embed][/embed] About this course: Philosophy, Science and Religion mark three of the most fundamental modes of thinking about the world and our place in it. Are these modes incompatible? Put another way: is the intellectually responsible thing to do to ‘pick sides’ and…
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Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change!

Created and Presented by: Case Western University.... Women in Leadership ....About this course: This course aims to inspire and empower women and men across the world to engage in purposeful career development and take on leadership for important causes---to lead change with more conviction and confidence---and improve our workplaces and communities for all. By offering…
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