Business Leadership Path

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Conscious Business Leadership

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Today's business environment is a continuously changing landscape. At Evolve U, we take ancient wisdom, modern context-neutral business truths and combine them with ways to discover your true leadership essence.

Our "living laboratory" integrates your in-class exploration of you and your leadership skills with firsthand observation of other conscious business leaders. These timely and relevant opportunities bring to life your unique approach and inspire conscious leadership back into your own environment.

These experiences are offered in both one-day and multi-day durations. If you are looking for an inspirational introduction to approaches within a specific leadership subject area, our one-day courses are designed for you. If you are looking for a more comprehensive and holistic immersion that can help you begin to make actionable adaptations within your organization, our multi-day courses are the ideal experience.

Explore our course topics below and see how we can help you transform the way you think about your customers' experience, no matter your business.

Through our academic course work, meditation, deep introspection, mindfulness training, and clinical experience, you will discover more about the you that is you. Your training will prepare you for private practice, being a mindfulness trainer, school counselor, or grief counselor..

This track leads to certification.

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Program Structure


Business classes are based on various formats:

  • One day workshop - 9 AM -5 PM
  • Three Day Workshops - 8 AM - 6 PM
  • One day for Multiple Weeks - 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

EU class sessions include lecture, class dialog, and small group discussion. In many of the classes, experiential learning leads the way. There may be quiet contemplation, mental processes, and  focused interactions followed by conversations and lecture.

In-class participation provides an opportunity for students to meet and talk with each other about their experiences, challenges, opportunities, and more.

Certifications are given for each class, and a Conscious Business Leadership certification will be given for those who complete the prescribed studies.

Sample classes for Certification:

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  • Your Conscious Leadership IQ
  • Your Leadership Personality
  • The Diamond Sutra of Success
  • Google's Search Within program
  • Enlightened Management
  • The Awakened Company
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