Spiritual Leadership

Conscious Spiritual Leadership

If you are passionate about spirituality, then join a group of like-minded people exploring spiritual leadership (known as "minister" in the old world).

The Conscious Spiritual Leadership track at a glance

  • Emphasis on critical, independent thinking
  • Exploration of truth within each religious tradition
  • Close interaction with superb faculty
  • Extensive mentoring at all stages of the program
  • Amazing "Living Laboratory" of experience 
  • A Close-knit, energetic community 

This is a two (2) year track leading to licensing and ordination.

Those who are being called to spiritual leadership today are discovering that there has been an evolutionary shift in human religious life. This shift is a move away from religious doctrine, dogma and blind faith toward one that incorporates the inner search for Truth which is experientially supported by science, spirituality and metaphysics.  This new path is called interspiritual.

This Conscious Spiritual Leadership study track brings wisdom from ancient traditions to the spotlight, and not just their histories, but also the inspirations gained by the mystics who traveled the path thousands of years ago. It emphasizes the experience of contemplative practice, including study at the intersection of science and spirituality which sparks inquiry into the Divine play!


Imagine being able to learn about the many paths to God. Discover some of the most advanced spiritual teachings such as the earliest known writings of the Hindu tradition, over 4,000 years old, including Advita Vedanta (non-duality), the exploration of Zen Buddhist practices to end suffering, Mystical Christianity, and Sufi's Dances of the Divine.  Then...

Explore/Experiment In the Living Laboratory 

Everyday science is making astonishing leaps.  We include the exploration of how science is approaching synergy with the underlying principles of spirituality. Delve into topical questions like: Does quantum physics really explain spirituality? Is the quantum field the scientific name for consciousness? How does Western science compare with Eastern spiritual knowledge? And in the Living Laboratory, discover your true Essence through, as the title of the Google class suggests, the Search Within Yourself.


Program Structure


The low residency classes meet once per quarter for 3 days and run from 9:00AM until 9:00PM CST. While the in-person classes meet once per quarter, the balance of the class programs are through the online campus. Online live/interactive classes meet online once, or, in some cases, twice per week. Class times will generally be from 6:00PM CST until 9:30PM CST. Some of the online classes are self-paced.

EU class sessions include lecture, class dialog, and small group discussion.  These sessions help participants become more open-minded about the subject matter. In many of the classes, experiential learning leads the way. There may be quiet contemplation, meditation, and silent prayer work followed by conversations and lecture.

In-class participation provides an opportunity for students to meet and talk with each other about their experiences, challenges, opportunities, and more.

Your classes are determined based on conversations with our guidance counselors. Past experience and previous studies will be taken into consideration when determining classes.


Gandhi and Einstein , Spirituality & Science

Sample classes: