Moralities of Everyday Life


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Moralities of Everyday Life

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  • Paul Bloom

    Taught by:    Paul Bloom, Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at Yale University


    What is meant by this is your judgment as to the morality of something, whether it's right or wrong, follows your choices as to how to live your a moral life, living an immoral life. Put more generally, this course is about good and evil. To illustrate in more detail, below are some examples of what will be looked at in this course. One example is kindness, sometimes called altruism or pro-social behavior, such as, with no obvious payoff, we're nice to another individual. Here is an example of this with children, and this is from the work of Felix Barnigan and Michael Thomasello. They set up an experiment with a toddler, and the toddler's sitting in a room, and then somebody needs help.

    And the question is, without anybody prompting the toddler, what does the toddler do? One of the videos from their studies will be shown as a nice illustration of human kindness.
    There's kindness, but there's also cruelty, evil, and viciousness.


    Week 1: Welcome to Moralities of Everyday Life!
    Week 2: Compassion
    Week 3: Origins of Morality
    Week 4: Differences
    Week 5: Family, Friends, and Strangers
    Week 6: The Big Answers