Your Soul’s Journey

Created and Presented by: Evolve U

Your Soul's Journey

Created by Evolve University


About this course: If the concepts in this course are too shocking for you, understand almost all spiritual traditions have told us for millennia. And now quantum physics is validating these concepts and contention.

Why this course? The first the concept of a soul and the idea that a soul has a journey is intriguing to many people. Second, other people are longing to have answers questions: Big questions, no doubt, about the souls journey from lifetime to lifetime, the purpose of the soul incarnation in the first place, or why the world the soul came into seems so crazy, what the soul’s purpose is all about.

When you take this course, you will find your personal history many not be your essence . Rather it is what you learn in your life (stored as quantum memory). This is a key to understanding the soul’s travels.


Taught by Rev. Dr. Laurence De Rusha

Rev. Larry


    For over 30 years I helped clients discover special learnings from past lives (the quantum memory) and then integrate the learning into this life. The results seem to prove a faster and more powerful advancement on their path. Since it is hard to pierce the veil of consciousness, mystics have taught us tools to help allow us to progress toward higher spiritual planes on our journey home. These tools cannot be learned until a certain level of understanding has taken place. For example, I give a healthy dose of reality to clients. Meaning their life may contain many different learning experiences such as, they may have been a murderer, prostitute, thug, lover, president, wealth or poor, etc. In fact, most people have played many, many different parts in this earthly theatre. Few have learned much from knowing they were King George or Cleopatra. This is a 2 part course. This is a 8 week class.


    Part 1 What is the Soul?
    Week 1:  Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul
    Week 2: Physics of the Soul
    Week 3: Consciousness, Power of Thought
    Week 4: Out of Body experiences

    Part II  The Soul’s Journey
    Week 1: Many Lives, Many Pleasures/pains
    Week 2: Communicating with Your Soul
    Week 3: Soul between Lives
    Week 4: Soulmates, Soul Groups