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Evolve U Experience


Conscious Spiritual Training

The Evolve experience is inclusive and supportive. Our online communities and low-resident student life is full of contemplative practices and studies, and encourages intensely creative projects. Our contemplative and science programs are designed around discovering more of who you really are, and can be practiced alone or with a group. Therefore, our various practices, including meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, walking meditation, silence practices will be part of daily life. Of course this is supported by the academic teachings which help you understand mind, both the thinking and silent mind, the principles that govern our existence, and the science that attempts to describe life. There are classes in science and metaphysics, leading a spiritual community, spiritual coaching all supporting the study track you choose. Classes may even include creative arts, drawing, painting, writing, sculpture and other experiential classes.

The Evolve Experience for those pursuing this path provides both an online portion and live training.  Those who are enrolling in the distance program will be required to take at least one 3 day workshop in addition to the online program. In some cases there is special off site training at a local organization in St. Louis, MO.

At Evolve U the ideal is for you to learn to transform yourself so you can help others transform. In that context our curriculum has strong contemplative practices designed to quiet your mind, while the cognitive side provides tools to help you discover your true essence to see what makes you you. This is a key to fulfillment in life, and the key to finding your right livelihood in a noisy world.

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Through studies, practices and experiences you will always find yourself fully engaged in the learning experience. What's more you will surround yourself with like-minded people learning the practices needed to achieve their dreams. Here you will find individuals learning to at dept about their individuality and profession.

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Our community is inclusive and supportive.  You will be in the company of students from around the world with different cultural backgrounds, spiritual experiences, and religious understandings. You will find yourself engaging in eye opening conversations, participating in unique intern programs with other students, and the community will continue to be connected and support you after graduation.

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Evolve is more than a seminary, and more than traditional educational curriculum supplemented by meditation; it is a completely different way of learning.  Contemplative education suggests that knowledge is not exclusively the domain of the thinking mind. Here you will have the experiential learning that is required to understand the deeper spiritual experiences of life.