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Diamond Sutra of Success

The Diamond Sutra, success principles from 2,500 years ago. Diamond Sutra of Success     The full history of the text remains unknown, but Japanese scholars generally consider the Diamond Sūtra to be from a very early date in the development of Prajñāpāramitā literature. Some western scholars such as Gregory Schopen also believe that the Aṣṭasāhasrikā…
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Virtual Classrooms, Interactive Activities, Video Channels, Podcast Topics and .... Learning Online

We live in the digital age where there are virtual classrooms augmented by in-person events. With virtual classrooms, live video streams, video and audio podcasts it's easier than ever to learn. Evolve U has the state of the art online university platform where you can learn from anywhere at anytime.


Quick overview video of the Online Campus

The Online experience includes:

  • Platform/Including Mobile Apps: Fully functional Android and IOS apps for attending class, doing homework and more
  • Class Format: some classes are self-paced, some-instructor led, or blended.
  • Audio/Video Live Stream and Recorded: Live inactive video classes using GotoMeeting are used for up to 100 participants. Audio and Video Recordings of class sessions are made available through your class ID, if you are a member of the class. MP3 audios are downloadable or you can listen online.
  • Homework and Class Material: All classwork, (except textbooks) handouts, other supporting materials,and  audio/videos are available based on your user ID and class registration.
  • Study Groups: All Distance Learning students are required to participate in study groups (just as attending students do), either with other students in their region or via Skype or conference call.
  • Distance only Support: If you are attending and doing your work online only, not enrolled in the low-residency program, you will be assigned a guidance counselor for any questions or support you need.
  • Mentoring: This is additional support to distance learners. When possible, mentors are assigned to students from the same geographic area.

To visit our complete online campus as a guest, please call us at 314-366-4894 or email us at: info@evolveuniversity.org