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We live in the digital age where there are virtual classrooms augmented by in-person events. With virtual classrooms, live video streams, video and audio podcasts it's easier than ever to learn. Evolve U has the state of the art online university platform where you can learn from anywhere at anytime.

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Quick overview video of the Online Campus

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The Online experience includes:

  • Platform/Including Mobile Apps: Fully functional Android and IOS apps for attending class, doing homework and more
  • Class Format: some classes are self-paced, some-instructor led, or blended.
  • Audio/Video Live Stream and Recorded: Live inactive video classes using GotoMeeting are used for up to 100 participants. Audio and Video Recordings of class sessions are made available through your class ID, if you are a member of the class. MP3 audios are downloadable or you can listen online.
  • Homework and Class Material: All classwork, (except textbooks) handouts, other supporting materials,and  audio/videos are available based on your user ID and class registration.
  • Study Groups: All Distance Learning students are required to participate in study groups (just as attending students do), either with other students in their region or via Skype or conference call.
  • Distance only Support: If you are attending and doing your work online only, not enrolled in the low-residency program, you will be assigned a guidance counselor for any questions or support you need.
  • Mentoring: This is additional support to distance learners. When possible, mentors are assigned to students from the same geographic area.
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To visit our complete online campus as a guest, please call us at 314-366-4894 or email us at: info@evolveuniversity.org


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