D. sc., D.D. Institute for Advanced Spiritual Studies, & USC. President of Evolve U

"If I see in you what you do not see in yourself,  I am the bridge to your becoming." I have over 40 years experience in a variety of secular and spiritual positions, from venture capital to physics and from spiritual to spiritual ministry.

Education and Experience

At 16, I was Youth Minister of a Baptist church and had a radio show on KOGO AM in San Diego. During college, I began exploring Buddhism, Taoism, Zen and other traditions, settling into the teachings of Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science. I have served as a minister for 13 years in St. Louis, MO. affiliated with the Centers For Spiritual, Living, Golden, CO.

I was ordained by Rev. Terry Cole Whitaker in 2003 and licensed and ordained by the Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly Religious Science) and have been a co-minister and teacher for over 20 years. I taught classes for Holmes Seminary in subjects ranging from church business & finance,  quantum physics and consciousness, and public speaking.

Additional information
Secular positions I have held include: Chief Operating Office of a wealth management company with offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles; COO of a private equity company, Chicago; Director, Portrait Group Tangible Asset Management Systems; Practice Director for a major French consulting company; Manager of Consulting for major software company, and I have assisted 10 startup business. Additionally, I worked for a multi-national energy company researching and developing a fusion energy reactor in La Jolla, CA.