Your Evolution

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Your Evolution

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Some part of you has been "called" or you wouldn't be reading or watching this now. You are being called to become a master at Conscious Leadership.  There are people just like you on this quest. Many are seeking ways to interpret their experiences, inner meaning, and their path too.  They want to discover their true Self and become powerful conscious leaders. Like yourself these seekers are wanting and searching for answer to big issues and challenges and a ready to step up to the challenges. 

Conscious Spiritual  Leadership: Those who are being called to spiritual leadership today are discovering there is a path that is bringing many people together.  It incorporates what is valuable in old traditional religious paths, yet transcends them. It is called interspiritual. Conscious Spiritual Leadership students are learning the similarities and differences of many different religions looking for the thread of truth in all of them. They are finding how radical insecurity in the world breeds extreme world views and actions. they are finding that bringing people back to the heart center of compassion is one critical missing part. 

This study track spotlights wisdom from ancient traditions , not just their history, but their inspiration and leaders who traveled the path through thousands of years. This track emphasizes the experience of contemplative practice,  includes the study at the intersection of science and spirituality - like - quantum physics and spirituality. This track leads to licensing and ordination. If you are called to this path then follow this link to more details.

Conscious Business Leadership: Great leaders align their own values and vision with those of their business and help implement them for the future. The most meaningful way to lead is to be a demonstration of compassionate leadership and to passionately communicate your shared vision and actually practice what your company stands for. A conscious leader cultivates strong relationships with other leaders, employees, stakeholders, vendors and strives to "Lead from Withing". This statement is not just a cute phrase it means leading from your inner core, leading from intuition and common sense,  and within and a part of the organization.  It is this type of leadership that has spawn Google's "Search Within Yourself" program, and many mindfulness company programs throughout the world. This track leads to certification . If you are called to this path then follow this link to more details.

Leading From Within: This series of classes opens a new vista for organizational leadership. College and business schools prepare you for the hard aspects (measurements like managing the inventory, reading and understanding a P&L, Cost Structures), but very few courses (like Creativity in Business at Stanford University) prepare your inner environment: values, intuition, creativity, connections, drive, and struggles. Few teach how to deal with life from within, every moment. That is what this programs is and does!

Our certifications, classes, and online programs are all designed to support specific results; yours and those for the track you choose.

Please read our vision and mission statement.

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